Saturday, January 17, 2009

29 years old and 10 illegitimate children

Here is a heartwarming story of a 29 year old Flint, Michigan woman who already has 10 illegitimate children. She survives via leeching off the tax payer and private charities. And without a sense of irony, she describes herself as a “stay at home mom.”

She boasts that her children are good and on the school’s honor roll (which in Flint Michigan means they have not knifed a teacher). In reality, without a father we know statistically that most of these boys will end up in prison or an early grave. The girls will probably have children before their 15th birthday.

Society is reaching a breaking point in which this behavior can no longer be tolerated. Civilization, and all of its comforts that we take for granted, cannot continue with children raised in a feral manner. We need to end subsidizing this behavior through welfare and child support, or we will soon return to the jungle. And as much as feminists may bitch about Western Civilization, I don’t think they will like how women are treated when the jungle returns.

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