Tuesday, January 13, 2009

College Girl Sells Virginity

Here is a story of a Woman’s Study Major (snicker) who put her virginity up for auction. Amazingly, this horse face whore has apparently found some loser to pay her 3.7 million dollars to have sex with her.

Oh, and this little darling is planning to get her master’s degree in Family and Marriage Therapy (I kid you not.) So after she graduates there is a good possibility that she will work as an “expert” advisor to a Family Court.

If you happened to be a young married guy that gets served divorce papers, you might be lucky enough to have this darling as the expert witness in determining who gets custody of your children. Yes, future Family Court judges will undoubtedly rely on Miss Dylan’s sober expertise in evaluating healthy relationships.

Real life is funnier than fiction.


  1. Right because any woman who takes control of her own sexuality must be a whore.

    What do her looks have to do with the story?

    You're a misogynist creep. I really really hope you don't have impressionable kids, or as your blog suggests since you are so bitter, that you're former spouse has been awarded custody and you get to see them 4 hours a week at an access centre.

  2. She is selling her body for sex. A woman who sells her body for sex is a whore. Therefore, Dylan is a whore. QED.

    And if a woman is selling her body, is appropriate to judge her looks. And, yikes! 3 million dollars for that?

  3. Anonymous, is there any reply to the reply...........I hear crickets.