Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cystic Fibrosis - Politically Incorrect Disease

Students at the University of Ottawa decided to cease fund raising efforts when they were horrified to learn that a cure might benefit White Men. The students failed to grasp the irony of the situation as they made the proclamation from an institution that was made possible through the efforts of White Men.

Could you imagine if a student union decided not to fund research into a disease because it primarily benefited African-Americans or Jews? The outrage and gnashing of teeth would be non-stop on the mainstream media. The students would be immediately expelled and be sent to re-education camps, (aka “sensitivity training”).

I imagine that there were probably some White guys that went along with this nonsense. They probably hoped that if they appeared to be nice and diverse they could get into the pants of some cute girls on the fund raising committee. What they fail to realize is that everyone (including the girls) look at them as a bunch of pathetic self-hating losers. Blah… Nice Guys will be the end of Western Civilization.

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