Friday, January 9, 2009

Liskula Cohen to sue RAMZPAUL?

Here is a story in which some washed up model is suing a blog because some anonymous poster called her a skank and a ho. Liskula Cohen, 36, is seeking a court order that would force Google to reveal the person or persons behind the postings so she can hold them accountable with a defamation lawsuit.

Jeez… if I could sue everyone that posted a mean comment on my YouTube blog, I would be quite rich.

The blog is called NY Skanks. The blog consists of about 3 posts. The blog looks like it was created by a special education student as a school project. Me thinks something smells fishy about that blog. (And, if the lawyers of Liskula Cohen are reading this, I am NOT referring to Miss Cohen’s hygiene.) I wouldn’t be surprised if Miss Cohen was behind the blog as a publicity stunt in an attempt to revive a waning career.

Anyway, Cohen does not need to force Google to determine the identity of some anonymous posters. She can sue me! For I am on record as claiming that Liskula Cohen is a petulant old woman with a big nose! How is that for defamation!

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  1. The sad part of this story: Google will still have to hire a lawyer, pay money, spend time and effort to defend itself. All it takes for Cohen is to pay the filing free which is around twenty bucks. If she goes pro se, she can get away with just that much and a million to one chance that 12 idiots get together and gives her some Google money.