Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mainstream Journalists Suck

The online Wall Street Journal published a column from Paul Mulshine of the Newark Star-Ledger in which Mulshine bitched and moaned over the loss of “real” journalism in favor of bloggers. (The irony that he is bitching about bloggers on a blog seems to escape Mr. Mulshine).

The mainstream media is still trying to come to terms that intelligent people are now turning to the web to gather information. It seems that Mr. Mulshine and his ilk are reminiscing over the good old days when they acted as gatekeepers of information and had the power to exclude unpopular opinions. Those days are now over as people are able to carry their message without the mainstream media’s permission. Of course, this pisses off the government and their mainstream media lapdog.

Gone are the good old days in which being a journalist meant confronting the establishment and exposing corruption. Years ago, the primary qualifications to become a good reporter included the ability to write well and have a sense of dogged determination. Now the primary qualification seems to be large breasts and nice legs. Journalism has morphed into entertainment designed to keep the populace fat, dumb and happy. Could you imagine a journalist such a Katie Couric doing anything but getting on her knees to kiss some politician’s ass?

The advent of blogging has allowed people to be exposed to previously ignored topics. Many blogs were warning of the housing bubble long years ago. Meanwhile the mainstream media was just being a good laptop repeating the lies of Paulson and Bernanke.

Similarly, the Internet has allowed men to respond to feminism and male bashing that for years went unchallenged by the mainstream media. When JC Penny’s decided to air a male bashing ad, many bloggers including myself were able to respond to their obnoxious marketing. This created a stir that forced mainstream newspapers to respond to my counter video. The reporter could only describe the idea that men should object to such crap as “bizarre”. Based on her female dominated educational experienced, she could not simply get her head around that idea that some men may not choose to submit to such abuse.

The newspapers are dying. Good riddance.

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