Friday, January 2, 2009

The Motorcycle, The Thug and the Nice Guy

Many times I have encountered guys that seem to need to get permission from their wives or girlfriends to pursue their passions or hobbies. This type of character is typically what you see on television commercials and sitcoms. The guy is some doofus that has to check with the “old lady” before he can take a piss on his own.

What is sad is when you see this behavior in real life. Sadly, I have met such men that are such henpecked that they can’t live life without getting permission from their surrogate mother (wife or girlfriend.)

Below is a sample of a guy who has publically emasculated himself. This poor sap is giving up his beloved motorcycle based on the bitchy of his wife. This is typical nice guy behavior. These guys are so weak that they can’t imagine saying the word “No” to a woman. I bet his wife looks like a 300 pound hog.

Then we have a story of this Mexican beauty queen babe:

I imagine such a beauty has her pick of guys to hang with. Logically, she would probably choose a nice man that is kind, considerate and kind. Right? Well, not exactly. Here are the hombres that she decided to hang with. These guys were convicted of drug dealing and arms running. Think one of these guys would sell his motorcycle on eBay based on her demands?

The moral of this story is that a hot babe would much rather hang out with thugs than some wussy nice guy. And yet, paradoxically, Nice Guys think that acting in a passive and submissive manner will somehow win them acceptance from women.

Of course, while living a life of a thug will probably attract women, such a lifestyle usually ends with a trip to early grave or prison. The key is to live a life of integrity – respect women, but never allow yourself to be bullied or intimated. Always live true to yourself.


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  2. How about a happy medium....based on your own values, interests and considerations?

    Though, as you know, getting married gives a woman too much leverage these days...sell your bike or....well, poor bastard maybe emasculated, but he could have a lot too loose.

    I guess that women like men who do their own thing...and won't supplicate to get what we all know us blokes The tables then turn and paradoxically men get what they want and women, though they overtly put a pretense to essentially test for signs of weakness (mostly subconsciously) they too get the man who makes them feel out of control pre culimation (because he is) and secure post culmination.

    You want to know about PUA's? Simply, they set the frame when interacting with women, whether it be tricks, lines or just being themselves and doing what comes naturally.

    It is so much easier than trying to impress, just do what you want. Mostly it is the lack of congruence that will get you rejected that what it is you are actually doing within the interaction with women...

  3. Good post Monad.

    My point is that the poor sap that is forced to sell his motorcycle based on the bitching of his wife is already in a doomed marriage. Appeasement only lasts so long. Pretty soon her demands will continue to escalate.

    And, paradoxically, each time he attempts to appease her wrath, she will lose more respect of him. And it is rare that a woman will stay with a man she does not respect.

  4. What has happened to men? Though I wonder whether this has always been this way to a certain extent and it is only more prevalent due to the open demonisation of masculinity in the modern west.