Friday, January 30, 2009

PSA - Watch This Video

As part of Starbuck’s Pledge5 campaign, I have been passionate about educating people. One area that seems to be difficult for some women is what to do if you don’t like a video? As I am not a woman, I thought I would invite Molly to provide a woman’s perspective on strategies and coping techniques with dealing with a video that you don’t like.

Molly is a student at OSU who is a Chemical Engineering and Math major. As part of her rigorous curriculum she has developed sophisticated techniques with dealing with such issues. I have asked her to share with us her insights into this issue.

Please watch this video before you watch any of my other videos. This video will give you invaluable tools and techniques in coping with ideas that you might find objectionable.

Remember, together we CAN make a difference. YES WE CAN!

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