Thursday, January 1, 2009

PUAs are Nice Guys

In this video I explain how the Pick Up Artist (PUA) has the same premise as the Nice Guy.

A brief explanation of terms:

Nice Guy – A Nice Guy is a man that attempts to gain validation of his life through the approval of others (especially women). The typical Nice Guy will attempt to gain this approval through acting “nice”. A Nice Guy avoids confrontation and attempts to appease and pacify the women in his life.

The Nice Guy is scared to be his true self. He must always tailor his words and actions in an attempt to please others. Nice Guys tend to be frustrated in life and this frustration is manifested in passive-aggressive behavior.

PUA – A Pick Up Artist (PUA) is a guy that tries to manipulate women to gain sex. This typically involves creating an elaborate act (usually referred to as “game”) that specifies how a guy should talk, stand, eat, and walk in order to trick a woman into sex. As with a Nice Guy, the PUA gains his sense of self worth through the approval of women. The primary trait of a PUA is manipulation.

Integrated Man – An Integrated Man is a man who does not live for the approval of others. An Integrated Man strives to achieve his life goals independent of the approval of others.

An Integrated Man does not attempt to appease women for approval. An Integrated Man does not attempt to play a game in order to win the approval of a woman. An Integrated Man is comfortable with who he is and does not allow anyone to change him.


  1. Thought I'd be the first to post to your blog. Good luck with it, you nice guy, you. I'd like to learn how to be integrated and still drink beer and make wood chips!

  2. Drinking beer and woodworking? You have mastered integration!

  3. Yes, guys that rely on tricks to try and impress women are supplicating, but a man who may have fun with a trick he learnt that he enjoys doing or relates something he experienced and is in the moment could still consider himself a PUA.

    There are many paths to the holy grail of intergration...

  4. PUA techniques are not necessary abroad and of of the angloshere. I can be myself abroad and I am successful with women.

    However, since our American women are so broken and flawed, men who wish to be successful with them must resort to PUA tactics.

    The integrated man must leave the USA to meet his mate. PUA's are not yet aware of this. Feminized women are the women of their world period.

  5. Wow. There's so much vitriol against women in this blog I can only wonder how long it's going to take before you're as famous as Marc Lepine.

    You are a sickness.

  6. Anonymous, what vitriol, where? Point it out because I cannot see it. All I can see is men stating their views. If the Contrarian Expatriate considers women in the west broken and flawed, that is his opinion and he has made active steps to remedy his position by immigrating. This is about the most strong words I can see here, though I can't disagree with him and as a result have no interest in marrying in the west either, but am not interested in immigrating because I think deep down women are much the same everywhere, the difference is about how much leverage they have. However, my opinion may change, on the immigration...who knows.

    Conversely, women say much worse ad-hominemly about men and quite openly I may add, so I cannot see what you have to complain about.

    Get over it, this is only the start, more men will be coming out of the woodwork and stating their views frankly, instead of just biting their tongue as they have for years...

    Good day to you Madam.

    And yes, it would be great if Ramzpaul became as famous as Marc Lepine...keep the great work up mate...well done!!

  7. Creepy, creepy man.

  8. Creepy? So your definition of a creepy man is one who states his views that are not to your liking as a woman? Maybe it is just that you do not like honesty in men?

    Sick, creepy...keep them coming Anonymous, it will make no difference or have any impact in your attempt to shame us into line...

    Maybe I should stare at you, rubbing my crotch with a huge grin on my face...then I'd agree about creepy!

    How about a counter argument rather than your boring, worn out ad hominem rhetoric....BORING....HO HUM... *yawns*

  9. I don't see why this is creepy. I'm a woman and I agree with what he's saying. I can't stand guys who lie or act fake to try and impress (read: have sex with) the girls they meet. It's pathetic when some women think if men aren't worshipping the ground they walk on and acquiescing to everything they say, then they're just "a sexist pig". To be fair this is the only thing I've seen so far on this blog, but judging by this alone I don't see how what he said is in any way sexist.

  10. read the rest of the blog. He's not only a anti-woman but seems to have issues with anyone who is non-white as well.

  11. Nicole points out the underlying reason in a nutshell, not only why women are broken and flawed in the west, but also why men are too.

  12. "And yes, it would be great if Ramzpaul became as famous as Marc Lepine...keep the great work up mate...well done!!"

    LOL, I mistakenly took Marc Lepine (École Polytechnique massacre) for Marc Rudov (No Nonsence Man).

    Sorry mate.

  13. What is irrefutable is that there absolutely seems to be a ""gay agenda." If you accept my premise, you might want to know what that agenda is? It would appear to be general acceptance and the patina of normalcy. For years the American Psychological Association had classified homosexuality as an illness.