Monday, January 5, 2009

Race and Illegitimate Children

I had an interesting comment in response to my How to Eliminate Bastard Children video. The comment was in regards to race and illegitimacy. The comment is as follows:

Hmm, you have some interesting points - i was especially interested in your discussion of inflation and deflation.
Now, having watched several of your videos, I am disturbed at your characterisations of those who are not white American males.
I have frequently heard you use the words "uncivilised", "animal", "savage" to describe non-whites and foreigners.
I suggest you check your facts. Why do you think single parent families and are exclusively an african-american and not a poverty issue?

I stand by my use of the term “animals”. I used the same term in regards to British people in my video “British Culture Flushed Down the Toilet”. As such, I believe that people of any race can be relegated to the level of an animal. In fact, all children are born as basic animals. What is required to turn us into humans is civilization. Without civilization people just live an animal existence – eating, sleeping and fucking. There are no higher values such as beauty, art, philosophy, compassion, mercy, reason, etc. with such people. They live as animals in the wild.

Throughout history, children become civilized through the family. Without a mother or a father it is difficult for a child to become a civilized human. The child will most likely remain in a feral state.

And in areas in which Fatherhood is unknown, the society quickly collapses back to the jungle.

When I lived in Michigan, the old joke was – What is the most confusing holiday in Detroit? Answer – Father’s Day. The joke works because it is based on a truth – it is rare for a child in Detroit to have a father. Detroit is a pure Matriarchy in which women rule almost every household and almost all the social workers are women. Children are raised without fathers. The results are devastating.

It is tempting to say this is a Black problem (since Detroit is almost 100% Black). However, years ago the Black family was intact. So what happened?

In the 1960s the Great Society programs introduced massive welfare into the inner cities with the suppose goal of eliminating poverty. While poverty was not eliminated, the program did successfully eliminate fathers. For while women once depended upon men for financial support, big Sugar Daddy government took over this role. Now a girl could whelp bastard child after bastard child and not have to worry about a man to provide financial support. Big Daddy government would be the surrogate father. As a result, Black illegitimacy soared.

Now we are seeing a similar trend among the White community. The introduction of No Fault divorce and child support has enabled White women to breed bastard children. Where as once being an unwed mother was a source of shame, now it is a source of pride. And Big Daddy government enables the removal of fathers through a forcible transfer of money from the father to the mother. The results are the same as we saw in the Black community years ago. White children (see England for a prime example) are being raised in a feral state. In England the breakdown of the family has become the number one social issue.

A friend of mine is a mother of four children. She related a tale in which one of her clients was shocked that all of her children had the same father. The young girl couldn’t imagine that a woman could have multiple children with only one Baby Daddy.

So while the White community might have once snickered over the rampant illegitimacy of Blacks, those days are long gone. We now see that the social destruction is not based on race, but based on a government policy that rewards illegitimacy.


  1. Listen to what he actually says, could you be hearing something that isn’t there. Associating black with animal (We are all animals) is something people have done to denigrate black people in other conversations and in a racially demeaning context not related to this conversation. Maybe your sensitive to this and are not completely hearing the message. Maybe I should be sensitive as a white male because If I were to make the leap, that his message was to denigrate a race or even a sex, I would have assume he was trying he denigrating the Anglo Saxon male. His message is about culture, and culture has been driven by government policy and who has been responsible that. Again if you listen to the message it comes back to culture not race, regardless of whom is responsible for said culture.

  2. On a base level, we are all animals no matter the race. What molds us as human beings is civilization. Civilization is primarily imparted through the family. When the family breaks, civilization breaks. The result is that the children remain feral and society crumbles.

    The current policies in Western countries provide a financial incentive for the destruction of families.

  3. I agree with the thesis in all but the stated cause of the baby daddy syndrome. It was not the Great Society programs that caused this illegitimacy, it was feminism's "empowerment" of women to sleep around and function like men. The stigma of sleeping around and having babies out of wedlock was removed by feminism and black women have basically run wild with it. Now we are into the second and third generations of the resulting black underclass. Whites are now catching up quickly. What does all of this portend for getting out of this bad economy and competing with the rest of the world that is not burdened by feminist-infected child bearers? The USA is in grave trouble, but few seem to be aware of this.

    I live in a developing European country where women still take pride in being virgins, where there is grave stigma to illegitimate births, and most women aspire to raise children.

  4. I do not believe the USA in in trouble regarding marriage or stable families. Marriage is still considered the social norm and most young people expect to marry eventually.