Thursday, January 29, 2009

Silencing Political Speech

I consider the censorship of political speech to be one of the worst manifestations of tyranny. Once we are not allowed to speak as free men, all our other freedoms are doomed.

This subject has been in the news recently concerning Obama’s spat with Rush Limbaugh. While I am not a huge fan of Rush, I absolutely believe he has the right to criticize the government. The fact that Obama suggested otherwise was quite chilling.

While I was thinking about blogging about this topic today, I was notified by YouTube that my Race and Illegitimacy video was removed. The video discussed the issue of how illegitimacy is not based on race, but it is produced by government policies that enable the behavior. While welfare destroyed the Black father in the 1960s, child support has been destroying the White father in recent years.

The topic of a lack of fathers has been debated in many countries. Obama has often talked about the need of fathers. So this is not exactly a new issue.

Well, it seems some unwed mother (she admitted her child was illegitimate) started to spam vulgar comments on my video's comment section. I usually don’t care what people write as I usually find the crude comments to be amusing. (I especially find it funny when people accuse me of being a virgin.)

It seems that that this strong, independent, unwed mother went crying to Daddy YouTube instead of rebutting my argument. Her poor little feelings were hurt that I suggested illegitimacy was toxic to a culture. So like any tolerant and enlightened person, she decided to try to silence those she disagrees with.

I have sent an appeal to YouTube. And I also have registered a complaint against her account for malicious flagging.


  1. This is the kind of thing that drives me crazy. As I wrote in an email to you just now, when a website - in this case youtube - offers the site to people far and wide to speak their minds, it is now youtube's DUTY to protect that right over the complaints of whiners who are 'offended.'

    Be offended, damnit. Live with it. Life is full of things that offend. You have to learn to deal with it.

    If youtube wishes now to remove videos that offend, they have a lot removing to do. I woudl guess that their staff will be working for months to remove all the offensive content.

    Keep us posted.

  2. Jimmy Z: I agree. People really abuse the word "offended". Everyone seems offended by something. What they really mean is "annoyed".

    I would really like to learn exactly what term of usage your video violated. There are FAR worse videos on YouTube. Is their policy to remove any video simply if one person whines?

  3. I think the policy is that when women whine about being offended, speech is routinely suppressed. Female privilege, chivalry and soft-headedness all conspire to gradually undermine democracy and replace it with totalitarianism.

  4. Thanks. I am currently working on the YouTube appeal. The process is Kafkaesque in the extreme.

    YouTube never did specify what was wrong with the video. Sort of like being arrested but never being charged. Very Soviet like in nature.