Monday, January 12, 2009

Teacher Has Sex with 13 year old

Here is another in a latest in a string of stories of a female school teacher having sex with a student. There have been so many of these stories it is hard to track them all. Of course, it is considered sexy, funny and edgy when a female teacher sleeps with a student. Such a woman is never called a pedophile and people speak of her in a sympathetic manner as some poor lady who needs help. If a male teacher should sleep with a 13 year old girl, he would be facing life in prison.

In this case Christine A. McCallum, 29, had sex over 300 times with a student. The sex started when she got him drunk at 13 years of age and continued until he dropped her sorry ass when he was 15. (It seems he wanted to have some fun with girls his own age.).

Her poor sap of a husband (pictured here) is standing by her in court. What an idiot. She screws around with a child and he is still supporting her like some Beta Male. Ugh. I can’t imagine she ever had sex with him.

After her legal troubles are over (which will probably include probation and a trip to Oprah), do you think she will stand by her husband? She will be long gone with half his money.


  1. Ya ok...because Mary Jo Laterneau wasn't vilified at all and never went to prison. I hope it's cozy in your woman-hating social vacuum.

  2. I got misogynists and woman-hating. I still need a “must be a virgin” to get my FemBot bingo!