Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wedding Day - Obama Marries American Women

The United States Presidency has changed radically since the founding of the country. Fearing the rise of a king or a dictatorship the founding fathers wanted to check the power of the Executive branch of the government. Hence the Constitution was created to limit the power of government – especially the Executive Branch. The Founders did not want another king.

The original office of the Presidency was quite weak. The majority of powers were delegated to the States. The Governorship of a state (such as New York) was considered to be much more powerful and influential that the Presidency. This was reflected in Thomas Jefferson’s tombstone in which he listed being governor of New York but did not bother to mention that he was President. The Presidency simply was not that important. The States had the power.

Over the years the Presidency grew in power. Lincoln was the first President to exert the Federal authority over the states. After the Civil War, it was clear that the States has become subservient to the Federal government. From that moment on, “The United States of America” has always been somewhat a misnomer. For the states had very little remaining power over the central government.

The power of the Presidency further gained power under FDR. FDR wielded power as if he were the big leader in a fascist or socialist command economy. (This is why liberal historians tend to revere both Lincoln and Roosevelt – they love centralized control.)

We are now at the point in history in which the Presidency bears little resemblance as to its original Constitutional Powers. In many ways, we have returned to the concept of an elected king or a dictator. Our society assumes that it is proper for the President to wage war without Congressional consent, lead the economy, etc. All of these notions would have horrified the Founders. We were to be a nation of free men – not under the whims of an elected dictator or king.

The inauguration now resembles the coronation of a King or an Imperial Leader. Gone are the days in which the President was just considered one citizen among many. He is now the Big Chief, the King, and more.

With the rise of female voters, we have seen the transformation of the President to that of a surrogate husband and father. It is no accident that the strongest demographic support for Obama was among women, specifically single women. For Obama represents the ideal that the government can act as a substitute for husbands and fathers. The government now usurps the role of provider and protector for many women.

If a woman should have a child out of wedlock, it is the government that will ensure money is provided via child support or welfare. It is the government that provides the funding for many jobs that employ women. It is the government that symbolically acts as a protector of women through gender specific laws such as VAWA.

The lady pictured here represents this ideal. The symbolism of having Obama’s name painted over her uterus can not be missed. She is declaring that her real husband is Obama and the father is the government. She only needed her official husband for his sperm. Her real daddy and husband will be the federal government.

I always thought the hype and feel of this inauguration seemed strange. Then watching the rapture in the female reporter eyes and manner I had a realization – for many women this inauguration represents a wedding. A symbolic wedding of Obama to women. He represents their new husband and Baby Daddy. He will provide for and protect them in this cruel world.

Unfortunately, government tends to be an abusive husband and father. But many women tend to stay with their abusers. This is no exception.

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  1. Indeed.

    The attraction factor was also huge for Obama. I remember when he was being interviewed on "The View" and Barbara Walters leaned over and beamed at him as she touched his arm and said "You're very sexy!!". Certainly that sex appeal was a big factor with women.

    Can you imagine a male interviewer touching up a female candidate for president and telling her she was very sexy?