Saturday, January 31, 2009

Woman Plans Murder of Husband

Here is a news story about a man who blames himself for his wife’s plot to murder him:

Tim Kenealy was in court to support his wife Zoe as she was given seven years behind bars for attempting to take out a contract on his life with thousands of pounds of borrowed money.
He put his head in his hands as he heard Judge Gregory Stone sentence her for the “cynical and cruel” plot which saw her hand £3,000 to a neighbour to pay for the killing.

Zoe had an affair with the next door neighbor. While she was having an affair, she decided that if she had her husband killed she could collect the insurance money. Her bad boy lover agreed to do it if she paid him 3,000 pounds. As she did not have the money, she talked her poor husband into taking out a home improvement loan. She used this money to hire the hit man. The plot was foiled and she was found guilty of conspiracy to murder.

Since she was a woman, she was only sentenced to three and a half years*. (I imagine a man would receive life in prison.)

*she was sentenced to 7 years, but the judge said she will only serve 3.5 years.

Meanwhile, Timmy was supporting his dear wife during the trial. He made all sorts of rationalizations for her behavior and blamed himself for “taking his eye of the ball” in their relationship. His wife Zoe seemed to agree, and she stated the he smothered her. “Smothering” means that he probably showered her with love and affection and she got sick and bored of it. So she went next door and got herself a bad boy lover.

Tim pleaded for the judge to show mercy to his wife during the trial. And when she was sentenced he cried like a little bitch. He swore that she was misunderstood and he would stand by his wife forever.

So I was curious and I wanted to see a picture of Zoe. I figured if a man was willing to forgive not only adultery, but an attempt to murder him, she must be some stunning beauty. Below is the picture of her.

Now for the rest of the story –

While in prison, Zoe found some new lover. She sent her husband a “Let’s just be friends” letter that arrived a week before Christmas.

I don’t know if I should laugh or cry at this man, Guys, never allow ANYONE to treat you badly. ALWAYS maintain your respect.


  1. RAMZPAUL, nice work!

    I think you should do a post on the how brainwashed modern women are into believing "The Secret" ... which is The Law Attraction, that is to say Like attracts Like and if you just think positive thoughts about what you want to manifest in your life it will magically appear!

    It's the perfect example of the "Get Something For Nothing" mentality that modern women have.

    If I'm lost in the forest and I want to start a fire, I don't just sit there a think positive thoughts about a fire magically manifesting itself. I have to get to work and build that fire!

    How delusional are modern women? And they eat this stuff up. Billions in sales for this "Secret" junk.

  2. Thanks for the comment! And I think we are all brainwashed. This poor sap pretty much believed no matter what happened, it was his fault.