Sunday, January 11, 2009

Women's Magazines - Sex, Diets and Weddings

Looking at a typical bookstore’s magazine rack is revealing in the difference between men and women. The magazine targeted towards men focus on cars, sports, technology, hobbies, money, business, politics and adventure. All of these topics tend to be focused outward.

Women’s magazines tend to focus on sex, diets, fashion, weddings and celebrity gossip. Most of these topics tend to be focused inward on the self. (In fact, there is a woman’s magazine entitled Self).

Despite years of feminism taught in the schools and preached non-stop in the mainstream media, women and men tend to gravitate towards traditional roles. Women dream of being the center of attention in a big wedding. Men dream of climbing mountains and driving fast cars.

Of course, there are exceptions. I suppose that there are women who dream of climbing mountains and driving fast cars. However, is there a heterosexual man that dreams about looking fabulous at a wedding?

One of the failures of feminism is trying to deny that men and women are different. As much as they try to force little boys to play with dolls and encourage little girls to act adventurous, nature always trumps social engineering.

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  1. Of course, it's quite true --> second wave feminism was really about women colonizing the male space. Men aren't really clamoring to colonize the female space at all, really. At least not straight men.

    But regardless of that colonization, women remain women. They like to be sexually admired and desired, even though radfems hate that they do. They like to dress sexy and attract attention, even though radfems wished they dressed like Chairman Mao and had crew cuts just to piss men off. And they like things like home decoration and weddings. These things you can't change by ideology, really. That's where feminist theory is wrong: much of what passes as "gender" in cultural theory is not a social construct, but something that flows from biology. Feminism is in denial about that, but at the end of the day, biology is the limiting factor as to the extent of the influence of feminist ideology.