Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chimps Gone Wild!

My interview with Maureen O'Leary, primate expert at the Tulsa Zoo. Maureen explains chimp behavior in reference to the savage chimpanzee attack of a Connecticut woman. Maureen also provided some expert advice as to what to do in case you should ever be attacked by a gang of chimpanzees.

Chimpanzees (especially adult males) are dangerous animals that can be quite aggressive. Their canine teeth are up to three inches long and they have tremendous jaw strength. It is common for chimps to bite off the fingers of people who are silly enough to stick their fingers into the cage. If you should be unfortunate to face an aggressive chimp without a cage to protect you, the chimp will attempt to chew off your face.

In 2008, two chimps attacked a man in a California sanctuary. The chimps bit off his nose and part of his foot. The Sun interviewed this man about his attack (warning, gruesome pictures.)

Below is the 911 call concerning the Connecticut chimp attack:


  1. My God, that's horrible... the 911 recording is just horrifying.

  2. Yeah... I really feel sorry for the lady that was attacked. Sounds horrible.

  3. Another great interview. This is a superlative blog. Good job!

  4. The chimp was probably looking at chimp porn on the internet and developed violent feelings towards women.

  5. Maybe someone called him a “monkey”. Chimps are very sensitive about this as they are “apes” not “monkeys”.

    As a side note, if you ever want to have fun with a biologist, insist on calling a whale a “fish”. Drives them crazy.

  6. It is a shame that the stupid, arrogant owner's actions created the conditions for this.

    Animals do not process your love and care like humans do. This confused and mistreated chimp had a natural moment that turned deadly.

    When will women stop committing anthropomorphism just because they cannot relate to men appropriately?

    This owner may be distraught, but she has the blood of her friend on her hands.