Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Crossing guard told not to wear silly hats

Here is a sappy story that reminds me of a real life Miracle on 34th Street. In the movie, a government official threatens a harmless man with institutionalization for believing that he is Santa Claus. People come to his defense and he is set free!

In real life, Larry Douthwaite, a school crossing guard for 15 years, has worn silly hats to make the children smile. In seems that some odious government official decided that wearing such attire was not “professional” and she did what any strong and empowered woman would do – she wrote a letter complaining to the police chief of the town. Bowing to this government busybody, the police chief sadly told Larry Douthwaite that he could no longer wear his funny hats while working as a school crossing guard.

When the local townspeople heard about this, everyone rallied to Larry’s defense. At a special town meeting last night and hundreds of citizens attended to defend Larry’s right to wear a silly hat. The town council overturned the ruling. Larry Douthwaite is now free to wear his silly hats again!


  1. I have tried to play the video a number of times and it keeps coming up "no longer exists."

  2. Should work now. Youtube was having some server problems. I also ran into that error. But now it seems to be working.

  3. Yea, great story. Just a regular guy and a regular community, and, of course, a regular wicked witch of the West with her broom stick up her ... Anyway, it's good to know we're back in 'Kansas' again, even if it's only for a short breather.