Thursday, February 12, 2009

Crucifixes appear at Catholic university

Boston College has been in the news recently due to a ruckus raised over crucifixes and other religious art being displayed in the classrooms. The fact Boston College is a private Catholic university puts an odd spin to the story. How can one become offended of religious icons when you are in a Catholic school? What is next? Will people become offended that the Pope is Catholic and that he should change his religion in the name of “diversity”?

I interviewed Professor Dwayve Carpenter who is a professor of Jewish Studies at Boston College. Professor Carpenter is offended that the religious icons that were placed in his class.

Sometimes it gets difficult separate news that is found on TheOnion to that of real news. After all, how can I properly do satire when reality is more absurd?


  1. I am surprised to see the Catholics take such a strong stand. But it is their college and they should be able to do what they want with it. If they find admissions dropping because of their decor, then it is up to them to change if they deem it necessary.

  2. I am just surprised that anyone would object to Catholic religious icons in a Catholic school. I am not Catholic, but such icons would not offend me if I attended that school.

  3. It is stunning that a Catholic school should take such a strong stand in it's ... it's Catholicism! What is the world coming to? What's next? Lesbian athletes standing up to the insurgence of heteros?

    (Please make me look smart and back-date this comment - thank you.)