Friday, February 13, 2009

Girl benched for being straight

Brooke Heike, a college basketball star, is suing Central Michigan University for being cut from the team for “not being a lesbian.” Brooke claims that her coach, Sue Guevara, discriminated against her for being a heterosexual. When Brook refused to become a lesbian, the coach allegedly cut Brooke from the team.

Below are pictures of Brook Heike and Sue Guevara. I will let you guess which one is the heterosexual player.

As part of the Starbuck Pledge 5 campaign, I hope to use this case to raise awareness concerning the plight of heterosexual female basketball players. I hope Brooke can break down barriers and allow other female heterosexual basketball players to come out of the closet.


  1. Now we know what a feminist looks like. :o

  2. Despite the PC propaganda, looks often correlate to sexuality. There are exceptions, but in general, real lesbians (not the fake ones in porn movies) have a look that is easily identifiable.