Thursday, February 5, 2009

Interview with an Astrologist

The DailyMail reported that an insurance corporation in Austria has decided to only hire people based on certain astrological signs. This has created some controversy as it is illegal in Austria to discriminate based on the usual race, religion or gender reasons. However, this insurance company claims that excluding potential employees based on their astrological sign is quite proper.

As astrology is a religion (it is not a science) I would imagine that this violates the religious discrimination restriction. I doubt that the insurance company could require that men be circumcised as a condition for employment. Demanding that a person be born under certain star signs is no less absurd.

As such, I decided to call an astrologist and get her opinion of the matter. It seemed somewhat strange to be interviewing an astrologist after I had just interviewed one of the world’s leading scientists within a 24 hour period. But I guess that was the fate based on the stars alignment.

I was proud of my interview with Dr. Tans. My interview with the astrologist went horribly off track. I thought about scrapping the whole video, but then I thought I would show you the train wreck for your own enjoyment.

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