Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jesus, the Bum and Doc Martens

I decided to get some new shoes today. My beloved tennis shoes were getting kind of ratty. While I was in the shoe store I saw some Doc Martens. It reminded me of a time years ago in which I had those boots. Great boots - nice and durable.

On the way to the store, I saw a bum that hangs out around a gas station. He never begs for money, he just sits there in the cold. I bought him some cigarettes and some food. It seemed to brighten his day.

At Starbucks, I tried to figure out what all this meant in a religious sense. This is a very religious state, but very few people personally help the poor. They outsource that job to various charities. But did Jesus command us to outsource helping others? Who knows? But my coffee tasted good on a cold day.


  1. Hi Paul,

    Well, now you know that I am a born again believing Christian. So, I have to comment on what you said about Christians today.

    I myself do help out the homeless and give to those in need. And I get involved in politics.

    Many people do not realize how Scriptural it actually is to get involved in politics. It is very Scriptural. God wants His children to take a stand.

    Also, Jesus was no wuss. He and I would be best of friends if he were here in the flesh, just as we are best of friends Spiritually now.

    And the only reason a person goes to hell is that he/she rejects Jesus Christ. It has nothing to do with a person's works.

    Oh, I am pretty outspoken as Jesus was and is.


    Do ya still like me?



  2. Debra, time to start thinking for yourself and stop being a Jesus sheep. God doesn't want anything other than destruction - read the Bible, and even Jesus' death was f'up - if God wanted to forgive people, than just forgive them, unless he was actually the sadistic bastard of the old testament. Jesus himself went as low as just destroying a fig tree for no good reason.

    I'll prove to you it still exists today - let's say we know there is a child in the room next door being raped and tortured. Do we 1) call the cops, 2) try to stop it ourselves, or 3) do nothing. If you chose 3, you are sick. But that's what your supposed all-powerful all-loving God does every day... there are thousands of children tortured, raped, and murdered every day. God does nothing. He's either not all-powerful, not all-loving... or perhaps, he doesn't exist!

  3. Of course I still like you Debra. :-) Years ago, I once passionately held to a position similar to yours.

    However, I have since learned that politics tends to corrupt the Faith. I believe in a separation of Church and State not because I fear that the Church will corrupt the State. But that the State will corrupt the Church.

    Christ did not come to reform the government. He came to reform Man.

  4. With all due respect, Paul, that is not correct. And I will leave it at that.

    See you on another post.


  5. Anonymous,

    Are you pro-abortion?

    If you are, then you are part of the problem. But either way, stop blaming God for what MAN does.

    Are you against Christians being active in politics?

    Christ uses His own to do His work on this earth. If people keep trying to silence us, then they have themselves to blame for things not getting done.


  6. I find most clergy to be hypocrites. They wear fancy suits and drive around in nice cars all paid for by the flock. Just the other day I heard some preacher on the radio admonishing his listeners because they weren't tithing. Like who has the money in this economy? Why doesn't this preacher get a second job? Even Jesus and his apostles worked for a living.

  7. Debra,

    Why doesn't God help the thousands of innocent children being raped every year? A child dies every 5 seconds from hunger, every 20 seconds from Malaria. The list is endless. Seems to me there is no God, or he doesn't care about children.

    Why do more than 25% of all pregnancies end in miscarriages. Why are there numerous stillborn babies. The list is endless. Seems to me there is no God, or he is the biggest abortionist of anyone.

  8. Anonymous,

    Do you try to help?


  9. And for the record, I believe that tithes and offerings should not go ministers' pay.

    I believe that if people are going to pay a minister that it should be aside from tithes and offerings.

    Tithes and offerings are supposed to be given to the Lord. And Jesus says that what we do for one of His, we do for Him. That makes me believe that we are to help the needy with our tithe's and offerings, from everything from giving them the Word of God, to Bibles, to food, clothing, and shelter. And we should NEVER charge them for any of it.


  10. Debra,

    Answering my questions with a question isn't sufficient. I'm a pediatrician that works internationally - you likely have no idea the help I try to give and the horrors I see.

    But that doesn't matter... my statements aren't about me. And honestly, you don't need to tell me your answers, but I urge you to think about the questions I have asked.

    Good bye.

  11. Sure you, sure you are.

    Don't we know that all pediatricians who work internationally hang out on internet blogs.

    And I urge you to stop judging the God of the universe, the one who can cast your soul into hell.

    Fear not he who can harm your body but He who can cast your soul into hell.