Sunday, February 1, 2009

Time to Sharpen the Pitchforks!

Paul E. Kanjorski (D - PA), 11th District was on C-SPAN the other day talking about the TARP and the proposed stimulus package. (See clip below.)

I found this clip to be interesting as Kanjorski admitted that Congress does not know what to do. And that the original TARP funds did not put us in a better situation. Basically, almost a trillion dollars was pissed away.

The proposed stimulus package looks to be even a bigger boondoggle. Over a trillion dollars will be spent on all sorts of pork ranging from constructing bridges to nowhere (excluding white construction workers, of course) to Planned Parenthood abortions. We simply do not have this money to spend and we risk a bond dislocation if we insist to blow out the national debt.

The caller in this clip was passionate. She pleaded that we Americans be allowed to keep our own money instead of it being pissed away on stimulus spending. She is right. The solution is to drastically cut the size and scope of the government.

Of course, the politicians will never agree to such a notion. No matter how many times their policies fail, they will always blame it on “not spending enough”.

When everything started to fall apart last September, I created a video that illustrated the sequence of events that led to the dominoes to fall. It remains one of my most popular videos.


  1. It was a trap. Unfortunately, the legislation passed even though it was opposed by the majority of Americans.