Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Trading Away Our Future

Howard B. Richman author of, Trading Away Our Future, claimed in an interview with RAMZPAUL that the US could win a trade war with China. Mr. Richman slammed China for engaging in mercantilist trade practices which have damaged the global economy.

Mr. Richman also explained his advocacy of the Fair Tax proposal as a way to reduce corruption and improve the economy.

I personally want to thank Mr. Richman for the interview. He is an intelligent and articulate man who brings an interesting perspective to our current economic crisis.

The current trade policy on the United States is gutting our manufacturing and high tech industries. If we continue to allow our country to be pillaged in the name of “free trade” we will soon be reduced to a Third World status. This country was built on a trade policy that protected our industry. It is madness to continue in our current direction.

I am also an advocate of the Fair Tax. The Fair Tax would eliminate much of the bureaucracy of our tax system. Such a tax would reward savings and discourage reckless consumption. More importantly, such a tax would prevent politicians from using the tax code to provide favors (i.e. kick backs) to lobbyists who fund their campaigns.

If you are interested in a deeper understanding of such policies, I highly recommend reading “Trading Away Our Future.”


  1. I read Trading Away our Future. You are right it puts together the whole picture. Balanced free trade, Fair Tax, and treating capital gains as taxable but only when they are consumed. We would save. We would export. We would produce. We would have a more honest Washington.

    Something like this will surely happen to save this country. Will it happen before I die? I am 51, and, have my doubts!!! What do we do once we know the answers, but, have so little control as individuals?

    Thank you for getting the word out.