Sunday, February 8, 2009

Women and Guns

A school teacher in Wisconsin, Betsy Ramsdale, was put on administrative leave when she posted a picture on her Facebook account of herself holding a rifle. It seems some “concerned” staff member saw the picture and decided to report her to the school’s administration.

As it is apparently legal for women to own guns in the state of Wisconsin (go figure) I am not exactly sure why she was reprimanded. Are Wisconsin teachers prevented from participating in biathlon competitions? (Biathlon is an Olympic sport combining shooting and cross-country skiing.) Are Wisconsin teachers allowed to hunt?

Apparently some mothers were “offended” at seeing a teacher of their precious little angels shooting a gun. And we all know that when a woman is “offended” that trumps any of our Constitutional rights.

Personally, I don’t mind seeing women with guns.


  1. You would think that these feminists would want to see women with guns? How else will the protect themselves from the evil patriarch-rapists?

  2. You would think. But I have found very few feminists who support Gun Rights among women. Such women HATED Sarah Palin.

  3. That was hilarious! I totally agree! You can't trust women with guns OR even knives nowadays! We need to put a stop to all those violent cooking shows. Martha Stewart, you're next!

  4. Well, we must think of "the children". Seeing their teacher with a gun may harm their delicate spirits.

  5. True, they might grow up thinking it's wrong to rob people's houses because they can shoot back.

  6. Hey you just added that to my youtube "gun myths" video. I am shocked! Is there a website for this girl ? This is crazy the school officials that put her on leave should be charged or sued for violating her rights. Maybe technically her gun rights were not violated but certainly her civil personal right was violated.

  7. Thanks Dave. I enjoyed your video.

    I think a school official was “offended”. That tends now to trump any Constitutional rights.

    The teacher posted her picture on her Facebook account. Only people who are invited as friends can see the Facebook account. So this means that some ingrate who she was nice enough to invite as a friend, reported her to the school.

  8. The teachers' unions are all democrats, ya know.


  9. Good one!

    Yes of course it's just doublespeak crap and women hiding their own gendered agenda behind "the children!".

    It should always be called out, however, for what it is. People should be made to know that there are growing numbers of men and women who are not going to keep quiet about the nonsense doublespeak, and shameless appropriation of "children" to further an aggressive, female sexist political agenda.