Thursday, March 12, 2009

Coed Bathrooms!

WorldNetDaily has reported on a proposed bill (HB474/SB566) in Maryland that would allow people to use the restroom of the opposite sex based on what they consider to be their “gender identity”. This means that a biological man could use a woman’s restroom! And the person standing in front of the urinal next to me could me could be a woman!

I already hate having to pee in a trough in some dirty football stadium restroom. Knowing that women could enter such a place would definitely ruin my concentration. And, yet, such could be a reality for men in Maryland if this bill passes.

Maryland Citizens for a Responsible Government consider this proposal to be the gravest threat that has ever faced the good citizens of Maryland. The director of the organization, Ruth Jacobs, was kind enough to explain this issue to me.

On a totally unrelated note, below is a video of Pink Floyd, one of my all time favorite bands. They don’t make bands like this anymore.

Shine On Pink! :-)

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