Saturday, March 21, 2009

Deadly Spider Attacks Tulsa!

Folks, we have a serious situation here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The world’s deadliest spider, the Brazilian Wandering Spider, was found in a Whole Food Market. The spider was captured and sent to the University of Tulsa. The experts at Tulsa University confirmed that this was the deadly and merciless Brazilian Wandering Spider.

Then the authorities quickly and mysteriously changed the story. The Tulsa Zoo claims that the spider was misidentified and that the professor at Tulsa University was wrong. Adding to the confusion is that the body of the spider has mysteriously disappeared.

This whole episode is reminding me of the 9/11 cover-ups and the Roswell UFO cover-up. Obviously, the elites are trying to discredit this important story.

Here is an artist rendition of what could happen if this race of super spiders should mutate and be set free in Tulsa.

I am also disturbed that Whole Foods refuses to spray their fruit to kill the spiders. This is another case of putting profits before people.

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  1. Sure is a lot of scary stuff out there lately. In the past week I've been introduced to supervolcanos that apparently are overdue to blow, and this from NASA:

    Add this to the economic meltdown and makes me want to party to the end of the earth (which should be coming any day now).