Friday, March 6, 2009

English Woman Eats Man's Tongue

Weird story out of England in which Tracy Davies, 45, bit off her boyfriend’s tongue after she asked to give him a birthday kiss. It seems that Miss Davis was angry that she was unable to get pregnant. So she bit off her boyfriend’s tongue in a fit of anger.

If the roles had been reversed, I am sure that the man would be facing 20 years in prison for such a vicious attack. But when a woman mutilates a man (e.g., Bobbitt) it is usually considered to be funny. Just one of those politically correct double standards.

But the greater mystery is why this guy would want to stick his tongue in the mouth of this woman. Are English guys that desperate? Yikes.


  1. I worked in a hospital office a few years back. One of my co-workers was dating a very jealous hispanic/latino man. One day while kissing her he bit off half her tongue. She had to relearn how to speak, how to eat food, everything. He didn't get very much time in jail if I remember. So horrible D:

  2. This is a serious crime. But I doubt she will get anything more than probation.