Friday, March 13, 2009

Is the Game of Life Gay?

Conservative web site WorldNetDaily claims that Milton Bradley’s children's game pushes same-sex marriage.

WorldNetDaily has as the lead story today, an exclusive report exposing how the popular children’s board game, The Game of Life, pushes same sex marriage.

Per the article by Drew Zahn -

"The original 1860 Milton Bradley game, known as the Checkered Game of Life, was completely redesigned in 1960, bearing almost no resemblance to the original. The new game board included the winding track, spinner and plastic buildings familiar to many.

The redesign also included car game pieces that could be filled with plastic pegs representing a player's growing "family." The board game did not prevent players in any way from placing two pink or two blue pegs in the front seat, thus depicting a homosexual couple."

I want to thank WorldNetDaily for pretty much giving me an endless supply of material.


  1. Hasbro in the 90's also bought out Avalon Hill. I remember playing AH's role playing game, "Down With The King" in the 80's, and marriage in the game was only allowed between oppostite sexes. Too bad Hasbro didn't convert some of these AH games to computer-Norm

  2. You played Avalon Hill games? I collect these old bookcase games! Great times.

  3. I don't have anymore AH games, but I seen at a clearance store 8 years ago, quite a few sealed AH games, Third Reich expanded edition, and a few others I can't remember for around $8 CDN a game. Wish I bought them then. If I ever see any sealed ones again I will let you know.-Norm