Monday, March 16, 2009

Judge Stops Homeschooling?

In the conservative blog sphere there is much ado about a divorce case in which the judge ruled that a mother needed to send her home school children to public school. While I support homeschooling, this case really concerns issues of divorce, not homeschooling.

As the mother filed for divorced, should she be permitted to not work and home school the children? And why do we assume that the mother should win custody? Would these conservative sites be OK if the father won custody and stayed home to school the children while the mother worked to pay alimony and child support? I imagine they would be singing a different tune.

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  1. Just sit home and not work? lol

    Clearly you have no idea what schooling children at home is all about. It is a job. It is actually more work than going out of the house to work and taking the easy way out of raising children by tossing them off on public schools to raise.

    Okay, the mother is who wanted the divorce. Well, what if the father cheated on the mom? What if the father beats the mom and or the kids?

    And, yes, the issue is the home schooling of the children. It is what is best for the children. It is just as important as continuing to feed them well.

    You see, Paul, you do not know what the benefits are to home schooling children when it comes to Spiritual aspects, not to mention the safety and the superior education, as well.

    So yes, it is a home schooling issue.

    The judge should take it just as serious as he would a private schooling.

    Debra J.M. Smith
    (Informing Christians)