Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ghosts Haunt OSU!

OCOLLY.COM reported on ghosts sighted in the OSU library. I suppose of the quirky nature of the story, it was picked up on some national news feeds. I was somewhat interested as my daughter attends OSU and I have been in the haunted library.

I thought it would be fun to interview some of the security guards cited in the article. Unfortunately, their story was not as interesting as reported. I did find it interesting on how journalists start early in “embellishing” stories.

I also discuss some real life ghost stories. Any of you have any interesting real life ghost stories?

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  1. haha...the O'Colly.
    That was odd when we saw mom, since we were in different rooms and all. We also both saw her wearing that mosquito shirt, when she really wasn't.