Tuesday, March 24, 2009


The post today contains two videos. The first video is my interview of Parry Aftab, an attorney and one of the leading authorities on Internet security and cyberbullying. We talked about the issue of “sexting”. “Sexting” is the slang term for send pornographic images via a cell phone camera. The problem is that many of the images are of underage children – hence they are considered child porn. The other issue is that these images are sometimes used to harass and intimidate kids who were foolish enough to release such an image.

The send video is the one I created yesterday concerning my thoughts on blogging and sexting. I was unable to publish to this blog yesterday because Youtube was down for maintenance.


  1. lol...if you let us know you were recording, you might have a tighter interview with less editing necessary. I was trying to help educate you to be able to write about it. :-)
    sorry I was boring.


  2. Boring? It was a great interview. Thanks!