Sunday, March 15, 2009

Leave Jay Cutler Alone!

Sometimes we get distracted concerning issues of the terrorism and the economy that we forget to focus on the important issues. And one of the greatest issues we face as a nation is that Jay Cutler, the Denver Broncos quarterback, is unhappy with his new coach.

Josh McDaniels, the new coach of the Broncos, tried to Jay Cutler. This hurt Jay to the core. Jay is not certain if he can get over this hurt to play for only 6 million dollars a year. As such, his agent, Bus Cook, has reportedly demanded that the Broncos sign Jay to an extended contract worth 100 million dollars.

Hang in there Jay! Realize that sometimes BAD things happen to GOOD people. I hope you find the strength to recover from this terrible insult you received.

(FYI - this is a pardoy of a famous Chris Crocker YouTube video. I don't really care much about football.)

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