Wednesday, March 11, 2009

White House Council on Men and Boys

The White House plans to create a group of experts to advise President Barack Obama on men’s issues. The creation of this group is timed to Men’s History Month.

Obviously it is a silly waste of money to create such an advisory group. But beyond the waste of money, do we really need a special group formed exclusively to promote the interests of men? The formation of such a group is obviously discriminatory and sexist. We need a government that advocates the interests of all the citizens, not just men.

It is an upside down world.


  1. I am not a victim.
    I am not underprivileged.
    I am not a minority.
    I do not need the government's help.

  2. I agree. Men don't need this special group.

  3. Why can't the government ever help the people that really need it? There are so many women out there suffering. We need to focus our energies on helping the underprivileged.

  4. I doubt this will actually solve the issues created by the feminazis. Women are not the victims everytime, although they would like to keep it that way.