Sunday, April 26, 2009

Is Miss Universe Australia too skinny?

Pageant officials are thinking of banning Stephanie Naumoska for being too skinny. Are men attracted to thin women due to cultural or biological reasons?

There is a stir in the Miss Universe pageant over Miss Australia. It seems that Miss Australia is 5’11’ and 108 pounds. It seems that the expert busybodies have deemed that this is too skinny and sends an unhealthy body image to young girls.

Of course, the fact that men are attracted to young and thin women is based on biology. Men are naturally attracted to young women because young women are more fertile. And weight tends to correspond to the age of a woman. Most women tend to gain weight as they age. As such, men instinctively tend to associate thinness with youth and fertility.

This is a biological response that cannot be changed via lectures and laws. Men, as a group, will always be naturally attracted to young and thin women.


  1. Definitely. The healthy female body type that men are attracted to includes overall health, including reasonably thin (heavier women are a higher risk for gestational diabetes and other complications in pregnancy and childbirth), healthy breasts (feeding), wider hips (again, easier childbirth) and youth (prime breeding age). The women who complain about this are generally the ones who do not fair well based on the above criteria -- therefore, they say, the criteria must be wrong! A classic fault in their logic.

    Now of course any man choosing a marriage partner based on *only* the above criteria would be a madman. It very much matters who she actually is. But in order to care about who she is, the attraction has to be there first, and that attraction is based on the above factors, and *always* will be.

    The funny thing, of course, is that women also have their criteria for men. They claim they are not "shallow", but how many women do you see dating or marrying men who are shorter than they are, for example? How many female lawyers are dating auto mechanics or janitors? Women have their own criteria, which are pretty fixed and narrow as well -- it's just that they don't like to admit to them.

  2. The subject of beauty is interesting because for so long the meme has been that beauty is based on cultural conditioning. Recently, research has started to demonstrate that beauty tends to be more objective than subjective. And much of what we define as beauty has a biological component.

    The attempted political damning of thin women is amusing to watch. When researching this subject, I watched a video in which a couple mainstream reporters were looking very “concerned” about how society pushes girls to be thin. The irony was that both of these reporters were themselves quite thin.

    I know the Oprah crowd has been trying to convince people that big is beautiful. They are pretty much spitting in the wind. Biology will always trump ideology.

  3. Yes there still is that meme out there. I can understand why. It's very uncomfortable for women to realize that their attractiveness is "fixed" in a way that male attractiveness is not.

    What I mean is that men can always improve themselves -- get educated, work hard and advance in career, obtain status, develop charm or game and so on. And all of that -- which is controllable to some extent by the guy -- increases his attractiveness to women.

    For women, the amount by which they can increase their attractiveness is much less. Sure they can spend time in the gym and get cosmetic surgery, and perfect a certain "look", but there's a ceiling -- and a genetically-based one -- that each can attain to, and no more.

    That's a tough message for women to swallow, understandably, hence the stubborn nature of the meme. Women want attractiveness to be culturally determined, so that they can socially engineer it. But the fact that this has not happened in the last five decades is clear evidence that it can't be done. If women could have re-engineered beauty standards socially, they certainly would have at least tried to do so -- but they have not. They know as well as we do that it is not possible ... but the meme is out there in the hopes that some men can be bamboozled into finding not so attractive women attractive for ideological reasons.

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