Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Lynching of Men

Here is a story in which some kid claimed a black guy talked to him and followed him to school. The school reacted with the usually hysteria and called the police. The media was notified of a potential child molester on the loose.

The man in question was found and the police talked to him. It turns out the guy was just minding his own business and never talked or approached the child. The child admitted he lied. Despite this admission of lying, the police praised the boy’s actions.

Pretty much we now have a society that considers all men to be potential child molesters and rapists. This is the result of 30 some years of feminist propaganda.

We have seen similar cases (such as the Duke rape hoax) in which men are now considered guilty until proven innocent. Unfortunately, this country has a long history of lynching men (both white and black) based on wild accusations. (see link below for lynching statistics.)

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