Tuesday, April 28, 2009

RED ALERT! Swine Flu May be a Terrorist Attack!

Larry Klayman, terrorist expert, has suggested that the Swine flu may be a diabolical terrorist attack. The evil terrorists planted the “seed” in Mexico so that President Obama would not be blamed. (The Arab terrorists secretly love Obama.) Larry suggests we send troops to the border to kill the swine flu!


Note – WorldNetDaily is not a satire site. This really does represent the views of many “conservatives.” If you have a kooky theory, you can get some conservative to believe it.


  1. Another fun video!

    The thing is that these conspiracy theories and so on just ramp up and up.

    I agree with your libertarian perspective .. the hysteria is silly and in some ways hysterical.

    It's great to have people who can take them down :)

  2. Thanks Nova. I think this Swine Flu scare will be forgotten within a month. Just a guess.