Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Selective Service Outrage!

The Selective Service does not allow women to register. This seems an intolerable display of sexism designed to keep women away from the Draft. Yet another example of men trying to exclude women from all the good stuff in life.

You can help by signing this on-line petition!


  1. This disparity is a blatant violation of the Constitution's equal protection clause.

    Why has it not been overturned, because feminism ignores things that benefit women and scream bloody murder about things they deem detrimental to women.

    It is not fair!

  2. Kind of neat to see someone post about this--this is the issue that, at the age of 9 when I found about it, pretty much ensured I would never be a feminist.

    Of course, this manifested itself by, when everyone had to come up with a good thing about our country, I came up with a bad thing--the inequity of draft registration.

    I bounced around between conservative, libertarian, liberal, libertarian, and liberal again, but never did become a feminist :)

  3. What we need more of in this world is:

    1) Online petitions
    2) Peaceful protests
    3) Woman Studies programs

    If we can get more of all this, the world will be like perfect... like, I think we'll all be so happy we'll be delirious. There will be rainbows and unicorns and all the good stuff. Possibly some positive discrimination so we get more black lesbians in Water-Polo and LaCrosse matches... and the world will be perfect.