Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party Posers

These “Tea Parties” are now all the rage. I guess these tea parties are pretty much composed of middle-aged white people protesting the loss of their country. I suppose they think that holding a sign and a bag of tea will change something. In reality, the government does not give a damn.

The original tea party was a criminal and violent act organized by the Sons of Liberty. In modern terms we would call these patriots “terrorists.” These guys were willing to risk their lives and fortunes for liberty. They did not stand around holding a sign protesting King George’s tax policies. These men took violent and revolutionary actions.

Peaceful and tame protests are very nice and are to be encouraged. Just don’t defame the memory of the Patriots who held a real tea party.

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  1. The 'real' Tea Parties might start happening if things don't change.