Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Confederate flag controversy

It seems that the NAACP has launched a campaign against Homestead, Florida to ban the Sons of Confederate veterans from displaying the confederate flag in the Veteran’s Day parade.

The Confederate Flag represents the heritage of the South. And what the NAACP fails to realize is that many African-Americans (and Indians) fought in the Civil War as Confederate soldiers. The Civil War was not about slavery, it was about the rights of the states to peacefully succeed.

I find it somewhat ironic that the NAACP would protest diversity and tolerance.


  1. Interesting. Why would the NAACP prevent black people from marching in that way -- it seems very foolish to me.

  2. The NAACP objects to the Confederate Flag. What is ironic is that there were thousands of African-American confederate soldiers.

  3. Oooh buddy. I have to disagree with you on the purpose of the Civil War. The war was indeed about states' rights and autonomy from the federal government. BUT, the single most important and contentious issue that gave rise to states' secession was slavery given its integral role in the southern economy and "way of life."

    To deny that slavery was not the cause in fact of the Civil War is to deny the most formative historical issue of our republic.