Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Government Stalking

I was off on Memorial Day. And I was having a rare dream that was wonderful. (I won’t go into details because this is a family blog.) Anyway, then the phone rang first thing in the morning. My heart skipped a beat. Did someone die? Who would call so early on a holiday?

It was the city government with an automatic dialer. They informed me that because it was Memorial Day, the city offices would be closed. I have no idea where the city offices are located. I have no idea what they do (except tax me.) But I do know that I could probably figure out that they were closed as it was a holiday.

So I found the mayor’s cell number. And I plan to call him early when I leave on vacation. I figure he would want to know since his office called me. I should return the courtesy.

However, if the government keeps on calling me I fear I will need to file a restraining order against the city. If that works I might also file one against the State and the Federal Government.

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