Friday, May 22, 2009

Is Rachel Alexandra a feminist?

The other day I was planning to do a satire video about feminists cheering the victory of the female horse Rachel Alexandra as a victory for women. Before I could create such a video I notice that The Onion had already done such a story.

What is funny is that I was referenced to a Feminist Blog that actually believes that the fact that a female HORSE won the Preakness is somehow a victory for women’s rights. Could a farm animal be the new role model for feminists?


  1. Funny haha. Another very funny video, Paul.

    Your daughter is a real women, and the other femstuds are ... useless.

  2. I grew up with boys in my neighborhood. They always let me play the ball games with them. My closest friend, Peter, made them. heh

    I had no problem playing. They would simply state the rules of the ball game to each other and then look at me and say, "Debbie, do what ever you need to do to score."

    It is amazing what a gal can accomplish in a ball game when she can tackle her opponent in basketball, tickle him in football and trip him in baseball.

    Feminists are wusses. SOME of us women to just fine being a female in a man's world.


  3. If Rachel Alexandra has a colt it will only be because she was raped and then denied her right to an abortion.