Friday, May 15, 2009

John Lennon Killed Paul McCartney

I love to read the conservative news web site WorldNetDaily. WorldNetDaily always provides thoughtful and sober insights from a conservative perspective.

In today’s edition, WorldNetDaily had an EXLUSIVE interview with a guy that claims John Lennon sold his soul to the Devil. This is obviously the most rational explanation as to why the Beatles were so popular.

In my video I explain how the satanic John Lennon actually left us clues as to how he murdered Paul McCartney. The Paul McCartney that we know of today is an obvious fake. I plan to call WorldNetDaily and see if they want to interview me concerning this important story.


  1. Did you know Babe Ruth was responsible for Lou Gehrig's fatal illness.- Norm ;)

  2. THIS is why I come here. To get the real news.