Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Love Story" One Man. One Dream. One Stalker.

Below is a sappy video this guy put together on YouTube to win back a girl that dumped a year ago. It has become something of a YouTube hit with over one million views. And all the girls that have commented think it is so “romantic.”

Of course, his ex has not responded to him and I am sure she thinks it is creepy bordering on stalking behavior.

Guys get so stupid and romantic over girls. If a girl does not respond to you anymore, just go. Don’t make become a weird stalker.


  1. He is so totally gay. I cannot believe that nobody sees this!

    That man is a homosexual.

    Any man who pokes his butt out as much as that dude did in that video.... Trust me on this one. That dude is totally gay!

    He has more of a "girlfriend" problem, if ya know what I mean. He cannot stand that his "girlfriend" doesn't want him any more. You see, they were "girlfriends." lol...

    She made him feel perty..... hehe.....

    And waiting for her, is a cover-up for him.

    Did you see how he kept smiling when the song spoke of a smile. He was smiling for the boys..... hehe

    Too funny!

  2. He's not gay -- he's typical of men who have less experience with women.

    Often, men try to win women back. It is never a good idea, because when women are done with men, you all are DONE with us. Men need to understand that, and simply push themselves to move on.

    I believe, as RAMZPAUL does, that women move on more easily from relationships than men do. The video is a case in point.

    It is typical, however, for women to shame male behavior they do not like, by referring to it as "gay". He is not gay, he is just a guy who needs to wise up about women and what is effective with them and what is not.

  3. Less experience? lol...

    That guy knew how to stick his rear in that video in more ways than Cater has pills!

    There is nothing inexperienced about him. lol...

    Oh, and you may want to go back and listen just a lil bit more closely to what Paul said on the video. He umm... gives a lil hint to how he really felt about that guy. lol...

    ::: mumbles, "typical for women to shame male behavior ::: ::: says right out loud, "I'LL GIVE YOU TYPICAL WOMEN TO SHAME MALE BEHAVIOR! :::



  4. Carter.... grrr...

    I hate when I am a smart-tush and have a typo.... hehe....