Monday, May 25, 2009

May God Curse Memorial Day

We perpetuate war by exalting its sacrifice. Unfortunately, Christians tend to be the first to advocate war.

The original Christians were put to death for their refusal to join the Roman Legions. Now we have modern Christians (so called) that absolutely venerate the symbols of war. The fact that many Christians have associated the Prince of Peace with war is nothing short of Satanic and evil.

Despite the propaganda, very few of our wars had anything to do with “defending liberty.” Most of the wars have been the result of entangling alliances and political scheming.

Below is a clip from the movie The Americanization of Emily. In the clip the soldier explains how building statues, Memorial Day parades and making heroes of the dead only serves to glamorize and perpetuate war.


  1. Wow...Paul, thanks for posting this. What a great clip. I gotta see the movie. Were people back then simply more perceptive?

  2. There are only a few true Christians in USA anyway. If USA was a Christian nation today, its society wouldn't be so corrupted morally. You can expect all sorts of blasphemies from an immoral anti-Christ nation.

    I do not want to disappoint you, but every time a nation becomes so much blasphemous, it pays the price. It has happened every time in history. It is USA's turn now...

  3. Right Christos. Christianity is a religion of peace. Just like Islam...

  4. I take it you don't like Memorial Day, Paul.

    Interesting old movie clip that you found. It shows that liberals have used movies, from way back, to spread their liberal, anti-American agenda.

    Paul, dear dear Paul, would you have had us succumb to the enemy in WWI or WWII?

    I for one would not have wanted to live under another nation's rule.

    You do realize that the enemy bombed Pearl Harbor in WWII. Were we to just wave at them? Perhaps, we should have just written them a nice letter, telling them how much we love them and want to hug them all.

    Do you enjoy living in a free nation? Apparently not. Have you thought of living elsewhere? I know, I sure wouldn't want to.

    Clearly you have never fought in a war. You have never seen your buddies blow up right in front of you. You have never held the hand of a dying man, with half his body blown off of him.

    No man comes back from war, saying, "Wow! That was great grand ol' fun! I can wave my flag now, and be a great super-D-duper big hero and march in Memorial Day parades. Yippee!"

    Men died for you to have freedom of speech, Paul. Personally, I would make better use of the freedom that this.

    But, I still love you. After all, it is the Christian thing to do; and you clearly, know not what you do.


  5. You do realize that Roosevelt manipulated into the war, right? You also realize that Germany has no designs on the USA, right?

    FDR wanted the war, but most SENSIBLE American wanted no part of having our children killed.

  6. Paul,

    Did we bomb ourselves in WWII?


  7. Debra is typical of either a brainwashed person, or a paid agent.

    There is evidence that the bombings on Pearl Harbour were not what the official story told people. Of course this is largely unknown to the public. Japan didn't have a single motive to attack the USA. They already had their hands full. USA created a bait at Perl Harbour, using some old ships with skeleton crews and presenting this fleet as much better through communication channels the Japanese had access to, along with the information that it would be undefended. It is true that the Japanese bought it, but your government did want to go to war against the will of the people.

    If you believe that your nation is free, then you are out of your mind. If you believe that the current wars you participate, which are all offensive wars, in order to gain profit, are Christian, then you give Christians a bad name.

    Tell me, since you claim to be a Christian:

    1)Why USA supports Israel?Why it supports the genocide of Arab population? Don't you love those people too?

    2) Why it supports Turkey? Turkey is well known for commiting genocide of christian populations, not respecting Christianity, and threatening the peace.

    3)Why it supports regimes like Sudan and Saudi Arabia, regimes far worse than Sadam's?

    4)Why it attacked Serbia? Why it allows the Albanian population, to kill Serbs, to rape women, to destroy churches, to steal property, and protects them from serbian counterattacks? Are not Orthodox Christians worthy people anymore? You do not love them?

    5)Why you attacked Iraq? Because your officials lied about weapons of mass destruction? If you really cared about removing a bad regime, then why not do the same for Saudi Arabia for example?

  8. The list could go on, but you get the idea... If you cannot see the hypocricy of USA policies today, you are Christian in name only. It is easy to be a "Christian", when you are rich. But your riches and "freedom" are based on deception, and exploiting of smaller countries. You can live a wealthy life, because some men died in order to steal wealth from others. First from native Americans, now other countries.

  9. Thank you for sharing this thought-provoking video.

    My husband is the Army and has been "over there" (again) since last July. He signed on the dotted line when he was just seventeen years old and had already been to basic by the time he turned eighteen, a few days before 9/11. When he signed up, he was naive enough to believe he was going to have the opportunity to defend the Constitution, just as his father believes he did during his twenty plus years in Special Forces.

    In 2003, my husband received orders to Afghanistan but wound up in Kuwait City and then was in a humvee on the way to Baghdad. He survived a car bombing that killed thirty five men, and helped load the coffins of many troops into the planes--including a few people he knew from basic and high school, among the other horrors that was Baghdad. We've known people who didn't make it home, soldiers who came home gravely injured. One of my friends was widowed while six months pregnant, so her son never had opportunity to even hear his father's voice. My husband has a friend who came home and was never able to play with his small children after what he saw in Iraq and wound up committing suicide. Yet when we've shared this reality with people, they just don't understand or even seem to care about the gruesome realities of war.

    My husband thought Iraq was ridiculous from the moment boots hit the ground, but he's stuck in the Army for several more years and trying to make the best of a bad situation. I so badly wish there was a way to snap our fingers and get out of this disgusting mess, especially as we've learned more and more damning information about how politics and how this country really runs. It's far darker than we could appreciate when we first married five years ago and sometimes I feel so stupid for not having come to see what's happening sooner.

    I know the other deployments and TDY have been hard on my husband, too, but this one has been much worse as he's missed a year of our daughter's life. She's just two years old and barely recognized his face when he came home on his two weeks leave earlier this year. She's learned to run, ride a bike, and do so much more this year, all of which my husband missed out on. And to think we've gone through all of this for NOTHING. It's not for freedom, to defend the Constitution, or for anything truly noble; it was to line the pockets of rich men, pretty much. *sigh*

    Apologies for such a long winded comment. I know my husband sincerely wishes there had been people to lead him to the truth about military service & our government, before he signed on that dotted line. Thank you for not being afraid to speak these difficult words, ones that might help another young man consider the reality behind military service, before he makes the same decision.

  10. And you are obviously "Christian" Debra...

  11. Guys,

    If you want to read an interesting book on FDR and the government's COMPLICITY in Pearl Harbor, then read Day of Deceit by Robert Stinnett. He lays out the case so tightly and so throughly that a kid could prosecute the case and win. He lists the McCollum's eight point plan of steps to provoke Japan into war. Two steps on that list were basing the Pacific Fleet @ Pearl Harbor, along with cutting off Japan's oil. IOW, the gov't took steps to push Japan into attacking us.

    As a Navy vet who was actually based at Pearl Harbor, putting much of the fleet there didn't make much sense. One, the Pacific Fleet's historical base was San Diego, along with other bases on the American west coast. Two, Pearl Harbor is just damn SMALL! When I was there, we only had a fraction of the ships based out of there vs. prior to the attack. When all the ships were in, it made for tight maneuvering; that was especially true when we had a carrier in the harbor, like when the Big E (USS Enterprise, CVN-65, was in).

    Those are my thoughts. If you want an interesting read, get Day of Deceit by Robert Stinnett. He lays out the case cold, and there is ample evidence that the government was complicit in the attack on Pearl Harbor. They also knew about it well in advance (in fact, Stinnett relates that the FBI knew how various Japanese spies were mapping Pearl Harbor, among other things) that the attack was going to happen, yet they allowed it to go on, so that we'd be drawn in to WWII. Why? Because the mood in our nation was very much isolationist. WWII was primarily a European war; the people felt that it was a European issue, and so it should be DEALT with by the Europeans themselves. Our great Charles Lindbergh, a national hero at the time, was a leading isolationist.

    After the attack, the national mood changed virtually overnight. Overnight, there was widespread anger at Japan's purported treachery. Virtually overnight, our young men by the hundreds of thousands lined up outside recruitment offices to join the war effort. The mood change was so drastic and prevalent that even the leading isolationist himself, Charles Lindbergh, changed his position.

    Oh, and one more thing to keep in mind should you read Day of Deceit: Stinnett was SYMPATHETIC to FDR! He felt that FDR was placed in a bad position, and that Nazism had to be stopped; he forgives FDR for knowing about the Pearl Harbor attack and allowing it to happen. He wrote the book because he said that we, the American people, have a right to know how we were drawn into a war that literally changed the world. That's another post though, so I shall sign off for now...