Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mom, 66, is oldest in world

Elizabeth Adeney, an Englishwoman, is due to have a baby in June. She is not married. And she celebrates her 67 birthday in July.

Of course, she is too old to have a baby naturally. An egg from a Ukrainian woman was inserted into her womb. The fact that this child will probably be an orphan within a decade is of no concern.

Scientists predict that we will soon be able to grow children in artificial wombs. As such, I will be able to buy some eggs when I get older and grow a few babies. The ones that don’t look cute I will throw down the drain (My incubator, My Choice).


  1. This will find it's way around the "Western world". More future criminals and welfare cases. That's all we need.-Norm

  2. Kind of crazy, really -- I bet she couldn't have gotten the procedure done in the UK, though.