Friday, June 12, 2009

David Letterman and Sarah Palin

The big news for the day regarded David Letterman’s jokes concerning Sarah Palin. It is somewhat amusing that Letterman is still telling jokes about Palin. Usually late night comedians poke fun of national figures such as the President. However, as Obama is African American it makes it risky for comedians to poke fun of him. A charge of “racism” can ruin a comedian’s career. So Letterman is reduced to making fun of safe targets such as Palin.

Of course, this controversy is actually good for both Palin and Letterman. Palin has embraced the controversy as a way to keep national attention. It also allows her to play the role of a victim. And Letterman must know that this controversy will be a good ratings boost.


  1. When you said mountain climbing I imagined you roughing it in the forest with a tent, covered in dirt. This is much better! What a great city view.

  2. Yeah, I am not exactly sleeping in a tent. :-)

  3. Letterman's joke was tasteless, but she is showing her true colors as a fembot, it seems to me.