Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Deconstructing Nurse Jackie

YouTube is promoting the new Showtime series “Nurse Jackie.” This advertisement caught my eye because it looked VERY similar to a new NBC series called Mercy. Both Nurse Jackie and Mercy feature a White, middle-age, strong, independent, sassy nurse as the lead character. Both series also promote the politically correct stereotype of White Males being bumbling fools. Of course, homosexuals and non-Whites are portrayed as smart and competent characters.

Whiskey, one of the more insightful bloggers I like to read, analyzed Mercy concerning how it reflects the new feminist social norms.


What amazed me is how Nurse Jackie looks almost like an identical copy of Mercy. I know Hollywood is not known for original thinking, but to so closely copy another show is almost a form of outright plagiarism.

Nurse Jackie and Mercy are two examples of television programs that are steeped in the ideology of cultural Marxism. Yes, the goal of these shows is to draw an audience (mostly female). However, the secondary goal is to help define and shape social norms and behaviors. While the propaganda is fairly obvious and crude to those aware of such things, it can be effective in helping to shape and reinforce desired thoughts among the masses.


  1. Good find. It does seem a lot like Mercy, perhaps sans the overt adultery.

  2. When you say "middle aged white women", you really mean "bitter old maids."

    No happily-married mom would watch this show. It's targeted at women who discovered that rebelling against "the patriarchy" didn't provide them with happiness or fulfillment, and think their miserable lives are still somehow the fault of "the patriarchy."

    No truly successful career woman would watch this show either. They have no use for the bitterness. The stereotype of evil, incompetent straight white men and honest, productive ethnic gays doesn't ring true with them. They do not need to have their attractiveness constantly reaffirmed by seeing an ugly, dykey old bag slutting it up with Tom, Dick, and Harry.

    The kind of women who would watch a show like this are, unfortunately, a lot like Jackie. Stuck in a dead-end job, they loathe anyone who is successful (usually white men), and commisserate with their peers and subordinates (usually "people of color"). They express their disappointment by belittling men and acting like cunts. Their youthful looks, if they ever had any, are gone, so they resort to fucking whoever they can get to prop up their flatlining self-esteem. Then, when they're sitting at home alone on Friday night in their one-bedroom high-rise apartment, drowning their sorrows in boxed wine, they turn on Nurse Jackie to tell them that they're Totally Normal and It's Not Your Fault, that feminism didn't sell them a Big Bag of Lies and then abandon them in the Cold Hard World when they stopped being useful youthful pawns.

    Now while Mercy and Nurse Jackie seem superficially the same, I think they're targetting slightly different demographics. Mercy is aiming for a slightly higher class of woman. These are women that have a decent job, are still at least marginally attractive, were maybe married or engaged once or at least had a long-term boyfriend, maybe have some tolerable offspring or a hobby - they are at least somewhat satisfied with their lives.

    From what I've seen, Mercy tells women that life is good because of feminism. Nurse Jackie tells women that life sucks because we don't have enough feminism.