Monday, June 8, 2009

Gay Penguins

Per the BBC:

Gay rights activists have protested at a north German zoo's plans to test the sexual orientation of six male penguins which have displayed homosexual traits

I was able to confirm that the Tulsa Zoo has a homosexual penguin. And that the zoo has broken apart homosexual couples to attempt to get them to mate with icky girl birds. I am surprised that this scandal in Tulsa has not yet made national news.

Please call your congress things and give your support for gay penguin marriage.


  1. All this time I wondered who to call about things n stuff, now I know it's my congress thingee. I don't know how you can speak to the woman without laughing :D

  2. My only regret is I forgot to ask her if they have any lesbian penguins. I have never seen penguins have lesbian sex. However, I am sure there is a web site somewhere that caters to such a thing.

  3. I think lesbian penguins would just slide off of each other.