Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Am Sorry!

More than 200 years after the fact, the state House of Representatives voted Thursday to formally apologize for slavery in Connecticut.,0,2328482.story

I support this apology. I have felt tremendous guilt for slavery 200 years ago. And the Connecticut Representatives formal apology was a profile in courage to inspire us all!

However, the apology did not go far enough. In my video I also formally apologize for:

- Alexander the Great's invasion of Persia
- Rome’s invasion of what is now Spain and France
- The Norman invasion of 1066

Please accept my sincere apologies for these actions. I am SO sorry.


  1. Hahahahaa XD this was some of the best acting I've seen in a long time. The tears were great *applause*

  2. Thanks. I am trying to reform and get in touch with my sensitive side.

  3. I am now hooked on your blog. And this entry was absolutely brilliant!

  4. You sarcastically said what I've been thinking for sometime now. I'm sorry for all of those blacks that were owned by whites. But these days it is so UNCOOL to be a white male. I'm 33 yrs. old. But with my values, I feel like I should be 65 or 70.