Monday, June 22, 2009

The Iranian Green Revolution!

This is a video I created in tribute to the spontaneous Iranian green revolution. These spontaneous protests were the result of billions of US tax dollars working tirelessly behind the scenes since 2007. The National Endowment for Democracy determined to use the color green based on many focus groups and marketing studies. I personally think the shade of green is quite effective and appealing.

Rumor has it that the US government is considering selling the naming rights of the revolution to corporations. I support that idea as a way to help reduce the cost of foreign meddling during these tough economic times.

Please support our tax dollars at work!


  1. Are you saying that there was no fraud in those elections?! I guess you haven't been reading the news lately.

    The most obvious sign of fraud is that A got two thirds of the vote in all provinces. M is Azari, but according to official numbers, two thirds of ethnic Azaris (who always support ethnic Azari candidates) voted for A.

  2. Why doesn't Uncle Sam spray them with a few megatons of "humane" bombs: they freed the Iraki people real good, didn't they?