Thursday, June 11, 2009

Should fat women in swimsuits be a crime?

Here is a story (see link below) in which a man was arrested for wearing a woman’s swimsuit. He was sitting on a log on his property when the police arrested him. He was arrested for indecent exposure and menacing. Of course, he did not actually expose himself. And he never physically or verbally threatened a woman. However, many women called the police to complain he made them feel “uncomfortable.”

In the spirit of gender equality, I think men should follow the precedent and call 911 whenever we should see a fat woman in a bathing suit. I know such a sight makes many men feel uncomfortable. Hopefully, the police will use the same standard and arrest such women.


  1. Not only it makes me feel very uncomfortable, I find the view very offensive: it destroys my quality of life.
    Those fat creatures are uglier than a sin.

  2. I am certain that the women who "felt" offended were American women. No other creature on earth could be that stupid.

  3. It is sad a man could get arrested for dressing odd. Yeah, he is a freak. But he did not expose or threaten anyone.

  4. Cross dressing is fine. But there are people in the world that have major screws loose. He could've been doing this lol no matter how good/bad looking, if a man with breasts jumps out of the woods at me saying "come closer I want you to see my pretty pretty bathing suit" I would think he was going to kill me.

  5. This man should bring a federal section 1983 lawsuit for sex discrimination under color of state law.

    Yes, he is a freak. But state law or state enforcement prohibiting this should be challenged when we know a female would not have been subjected to arrest.